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Luxury Irish Chocolates

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Watercolour greeting cards Ireland
Irish-made Greeting Cards

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horseshoe unique gifts ireland
Unique Gifts

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Whiskey Stones
Drink Accessories

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Fashion Accessories

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Irish-Made Wallets & Cardholders
Irish-Made Wallets

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Candles & Fragrances

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Happy Families Exploring Ireland St Patricks Day Card Game
Gifts for Children

Looking for gifts that stand out this year?

Find unique gifts which make life that extra bit special for those you love!

Creations by Irish Artists

Original Painting - Cows
Original Paintings

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Fine Art Prints

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Resin Art
Resin Artwork

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Pebble Design

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Footstool and cushions
Fashion for the Home

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Ideas and Inspiration

St. Valentine's Day history

Who was St. Valentine and why does this day celebrate love?

As February is upon us, love is in the air, and the world prepares to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – St. Valentine’s Day. While this day has become synonymous with love and affection, its origins are shrouded in the mists of time. Join us on a journey back in history as we unravel the captivating story behind the creation of St. Valentine’s Day.

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Tips & Tricks

Embracing the Essence of Ireland: Why Buying Local Irish Products Matters

In a world of mass-produced goods, there’s an irreplaceable charm in owning something crafted with love and dedication. When you choose to buy local Irish products, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re investing in a piece of Ireland’s rich culture and heritage. Here are compelling reasons why supporting local Irish businesses should be at the heart of your shopping endeavours.

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SpecialGifts.ie is a marketplace promoting quality gifts which are designed or crafted by small Irish businesses.  The marketplace allows small Irish brands to set up their own shops and sell products here.  You can simultaneously buy from multiple shops here but note that your orders will be sent to you separately from each individual seller.

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