• 20.00

    Ease: Muscle & Joint Ache Balm

    A solid balm that melts to a luxurious oil in the hands. The combination of hemp seed oil and arnica oil makes this balm an essential piece of kit for athletes and sports injury rehabilitation.

  • 7.00

    Lip Butter – Orange Creamsicle

    Orange Creamsicle Lip Butter contains a decadent blend of macadamia, sweet almond, jojoba and marula oils, and is enriched with hydrating cocoa butter and vitamin E. The addition of sweet orange and vanilla essential oils give a sweet, summery scent that feels smooth, buttery and luxuriously soft on the lips.

    This balm is hormone safe. It does not contain any endocrine disrupting chemicals or compounds and is 100% natural and safe for use on skin and lips.

  • 20.00

    Melt: Cleansing Balm

    Melt away the day with this silky soft balm that melts to a luxurious oil in your palms. Made with skin nourishing rosehip oil, this citrus scented pot of sunshine will melt away makeup, removing it without a trace, leaving you with hydrated, nourished, clean skin.

  • 20.00

    Restful: Magnesium Lotion

    This soft, nourishing lotion contains magnesium oil, made from the highest quality magnesium chloride flakes dissolved in distilled water at a high concentration, that when used on the skin, is a fast and effective way to replenish the body’s magnesium levels.

  • 20.00

    Soften: Tallow Dry Skin Treatment

    Soften: Tallow Hand Cream is an intense dry skin treatment for the hands, feet, nobbly knees and crusty elbows! This deeply hydrating buttery balm will soften up even the hardest of hands (calling all builders, gardeners and farmers!).

    100% organic, grass fed, Irish tallow expertly blended with organic she butter, organic macadamia and olive oils, with a sensuous essential oil blend of lemongrass and cedarwood.

  • 20.00

    Tallow & Beeswax Candle

    Illuminate your life with time-honoured tallow candles. Gently infused with organic essential oils, these all natural candles are made from pure organic grass-fed beef tallow and natural beeswax. No soy or seed waxes. They are non-toxic, burn clean and bright, and look beautiful. Hand-crafted and poured into amber glass with a natural cotton wick.

    Tallow candles are the past, present and future of candles.

    Packed with history and heritage in every jar.

  • 8.00

    Tallow Lip Butter

    Squeezably soft, luxuriously luscious, totally tallow!

    100% organic, grass fed, Irish tallow blended with organic cocoa butter and organic jojoba & sweet almond oils, with a zesty, uplifting blend of citrus and mint essential oils.

  • 15.00

    Bumble Bó: Tallow & Honey Balm

    Our exceptional tallow and honey balm, hand-crafted with organic Irish beef tallow, raw unpasteurized local honey, organic shea butter, and soothing calendula oil, possesses the power to transform your skin. This miracle balm is your skin repairing saviour. Ideal for use on itchy, sore, raw, broken and irritated skin and lips to return to wellness.

  • 20.00

    Bó Butter: Whipped Tallow Balm

    Level up your skincare with Bó Butter, a wholesome whipped tallow balm hand-crafted to a unique formula. We blend the finest organic Irish beef tallow and organic cold-pressed jojoba oil to create a velvet-soft balm that nourishes and revitalizes your skin naturally. An anti-ageing face moisturiser, hydrating hand lotion, nourishing body butter, luxurious lip balm and skin repair cream, all rolled into one beautiful package!

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