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    SHAMROCK Paper Quilling Art – Handmade Mounted Art

    Original Mounted Paper Quilling Art

    ⭐ Designed and handcrafted in Ireland
    ⭐ Made using 5mm-wide paper strips which provide depth to the art
    ⭐ Mount size: 8×8″ with 5×5″ aperture
    ⭐ The colour of the mount is off-white with some texture to it.
    ⭐ Quilled elements are glued on a beautiful textured background paper
    ⭐ Quilled elements are coated with varnish for firmness and protection
    ⭐ Rhinestone embellishment
    ⭐ Hand-drawn dotted trail (this is not printed, so no two artworks are the same)
    ⭐ Made to order
    ⭐ Signed by the artist, Mimi Sazali

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