• 540.00

    Oil Painting of The Boardwalk, C.o. Donegal, Ireland.

    The reason I painted the Boardwalk is it is so different a walkway from a normal path. You can take in a nature walk with all the flora and fauna along the walkway right to the beach with lovely sea views. The wooden design of the walkway makes it interesting to paint.

    Walk the famous boardwalk Stroll, run or cycle along the stunning 1km boardwalk.

    With circa 180 acres, the Boardwalk offers great for walking with access to Trá Mór where some 3km of sandy beach stretches all the way to the local village of Downings. The walk from the holiday villas to the Inner Beach is ideal for a leisurely stroll with some fantastic views. Ards Forest Park and adjoining Capuchin Friary Grounds, just across the bay from the Inner Beach, offer an abundance of walking trails.

    Approx Measurements

    39.5 x 15.5 inches

    100.33 cm x 39.37 cm


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