• 8.00

    Mary & Macriona. Coping With Anxiety

    This beautifully illustrated, quality book was written, created and printed in Ireland.

    The fifth book in the Merlin Fairy Series, it addresses the difficult topic of Anxiety in children.

    The story tells of Macriona who is send into town to buy a tin whistle for school. Suddenly in the crowds she has a panic attack. Janosch, a super-special guy can see her and see the predicament she is in. He goes over to her to help her. He explains how he understands what she is going through as he has the same. This is the moment that Macriona realises that she is not alone in the world. He explains some techniques that can help her and thereby starts her out on the journey of coping with anxiety. In school and among friends she finds similar support.

    This book is important, not only for children who have anxiety but also for others who can learn to recognise the signs. Children can learn how to help themselves in stress situations.

    To support this story, there is the usual discussion list but also a list of 17 techniques that, if used, can help someone with anxiety. There is also a letter from someone who has suffered from anxiety but can now cope well. They have written a letter to their younger self with guiding ideas.

    This book is the result of a huge amount of requests from people for a book on this topic.

  • 35.00

    Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series Bundle

    The ideal gift for teachers, parents or children aged 5 to 12 years.

    With five books in the series, these lighthearted stories are different. Each story has a message or a moral, told through the experiences of fairies in the woods. At the end of each story is a discussion list that you use after the storytelling time to engage the children in conversations around those topics.

    Delightful and happy stories, these books are very much loved around the world.

  • 22.00

    Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series Compilation Book

    All 5 books of the Merlin Fairy Series in 1!
    With Liam & Carmie, Síofra & Her Apprentices, The Fairy Gala, Dubheasa & Fiadh, and Mary & Macriona.
    Each story has a social focus and each comes with a discussion list as well as a list of interesting facts on some aspect in the story.

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