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    Galway City Tea Towel

    100% cotton tea towel featuring hand-drawn motifs of some of the iconic buildings of Galway city. Perfect as a house-warming or wedding gift or as a memento of this lovely place.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series No 5 Mary and Macriona

    Mary & Macriona. Coping With Anxiety

    This beautifully illustrated, quality book was written, created and printed in Ireland.

    The fifth book in the Merlin Fairy Series, it addresses the difficult topic of Anxiety in children.

    The story tells of Macriona who is send into town to buy a tin whistle for school. Suddenly in the crowds she has a panic attack. Janosch, a super-special guy can see her and see the predicament she is in. He goes over to her to help her. He explains how he understands what she is going through as he has the same. This is the moment that Macriona realises that she is not alone in the world. He explains some techniques that can help her and thereby starts her out on the journey of coping with anxiety. In school and among friends she finds similar support.

    This book is important, not only for children who have anxiety but also for others who can learn to recognise the signs. Children can learn how to help themselves in stress situations.

    To support this story, there is the usual discussion list but also a list of 17 techniques that, if used, can help someone with anxiety. There is also a letter from someone who has suffered from anxiety but can now cope well. They have written a letter to their younger self with guiding ideas.

    This book is the result of a huge amount of requests from people for a book on this topic.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series No 4 Dubheasa and Fiadh

    Dubheasa & Fiadh. Breaking Up is Hard To Do.

    This beautifully illustrated, high quality book was fully written, created and printed in Ireland.

    The forth book in the Merlin Fairy Series, this tells the story of a change in the family constellation of 4 fairies who live in a tree.

    What happens when a family constellation changes? In this story, the elder fairies decide it is better they live in separate trees. Small Dubheasa and Fiadh feel their whole world is crumbling but…. they learn how life is like a river, with twists and turns, and still flows forward.

    In this book, the interesting facts pages are about Irish Gods and Goddesses.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series No 3 The Fairy Gala

    The Fairy Gala. Community Includes Everyone.

    This beautifully illustrated and high quality book was written, created and printed in Ireland.

    This is a beautiful story that addresses the topic of including others that are different to us. It is book 3 of the Merlin Fairy Series which is also available in the bundle package.

    It’s fairy gala time in this story! Fairies from other towns around Ireland come to take part in the Merlin Woods fairy gala. They all look so different and there’s a strange atmosphere. The locals don’t quite know how to handle the situation. See what happens when they all begin to work together and overcome their differences!

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series no 1 Liam And Carmie

    Liam & Carmie. Apologies Matter!

    This lovely, high quality book was written, created and printed in Ireland.

    It tells the story of Liam, the arrogant fox, who takes without permission the gifts laid out for Carmie the fairy. When asked, he first denies it and then, refuses to apologise properly. What Carmie dies next shocks everyone in the woods, especially Liam. Will he learn his lesson? Find out more inside.

    This story aims to help adults talk about the importance of saying sorry and owning up to wrongdoing with children they care for.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods Book 5 Emily and Tristan

    Emily & Tristan. How Friends Can Make a Difference.

    This much loved book was written, created and printed in Ireland.

    This tells the story of the cat Emily who comes across the fairly sad owl called Tristan during one of her walks through the woods. He is forever falling out of his nest or bashing into the tree. All the other creatures in the woods laugh at him and that makes Emily mad. She is determined to become a good friend and help out where she can.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods The Listening Tree

    The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature

    This much-loved book is written, created and printed in Ireland.

    With a lovely story about a young girl who finds her good source of advice in a tree. Throughout her growing years she turns to the tree for advice and it always serves her well.

    The moral or message in this story is to always be aware of who you can trust to get advice from.

    The book also contains old Irish sayings and ideas around many different topics that children have to address.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods Series Book 2 Billa and Buster Kindness is a Circle

    Billa And Buster. Kindness Is A Circle.

    When the puppy Buster is abandoned at the edge of the woods, he nearly perishes – but the lovely Billa the badger comes to his rescue. This is the start of a deep friendship where they learn how kindness is a circle: kindness given, always returns.

    Topics for discussion: Kindness, friendships, responsibility towards animals

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods No 1 Flappy The Pigeon Who Overcame Bullying

    Flappy. The Pigeon Who Overcame Bullying!

    Flappy is born with abnormally large wings that flap too loudly and frighten everyone in the woods. Because of his differences, he is terribly bullied by the others, even asked to leave the woods!
    But when he rises to meet the challenge of saving the kidnapped Princess of The Claddagh does he realise that his greatest weakness is in fact his greatest strength. Only goes to show, you should never limit your challenges but challenge your limits.


    Suitable for Children, aged 5 – 12 years.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series Compilation Book

    Galway Fairytales Merlin Fairy Series Compilation Book

    All 5 books of the Merlin Fairy Series in 1!
    With Liam & Carmie, Síofra & Her Apprentices, The Fairy Gala, Dubheasa & Fiadh, and Mary & Macriona.
    Each story has a social focus and each comes with a discussion list as well as a list of interesting facts on some aspect in the story.

  • Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods Compilation Book For Irish Storytelling with Children

    Galway Fairytales Merlin Woods Series Compilation Book

    Suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years, this is the complete Merlin Woods Series in one book. The stories include:
    Flappy. The Pigeon Who Overcame Bullying
    Billa & Buster. How Kindness Is A Circle.
    The Golden Key Of Wisdom. A Journey into Teamwork.
    The Listening Tree. Befriending Nature.
    Emily & Tristan. How Friends Can Make A Difference.

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