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    Chopping Boards Glass, Co. Donegal, Ireland

    Cool Chopping Board/Worktop Protector

    Beautiful worktop saver protects your kitchen surfaces from spills and scratches.

    Made from toughened glass.

    Ultra hygienic, stain and odour resistant.

    Material. Smooth Toughened Glass.

    Wash before use.

    Product Care and Cleaning Instructions.

    Wipe Clean.

    Do not dry clean and bleach.

    Keeps kitchen surfaces and tables clean and scratch-free when preparing food

    TOUGHENED GLASS: use this glass worktop protector to prepare ingredients, rest spoons mid-recipe and much

    Rubber feet keeps it from slipping on the countertop

    Hygienic. Glass chopping board resists stains and odors

    Can be used as a cutting mat, clear trivet, cheese plate or simply as an everyday use kitchen board.


    28.5 X 39 cm.



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