FRAMED Limited Edition Print THE BORN WILD COLLECTION – The Hedgehug

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When the Hedgehog Spirit Animal comes along, it’s often because you feel like other people will never understand you. There’s a surging desire for curling up inside and hiding behind a pasted-on smile. Hedgehog understands this and says if you feel guilty about needing alone time, don’t. It’s okay to retreat, but you can’t stay inside a shell forever. There will always be instances when you misunderstand others may not understand your occasional need for isolation.

A second reason you may have Hedgehog stopping by as a Spirit Animal is to spur your curiosity and activate your inner explorer. There is a whole, glorious world in which to take part. Garden, hike, gather up nifty items on a beach. Then, kick your heels up at the end of a long day, take a deep breath, and enjoy a moment downtime. Relaxation is in their playbook!

Hedgehog is not a bull-headed Spirit Animal. It waddles in unassuming, yet you “know” this Being is present. Sometimes Hedgehog wants you to understand you don’t need a lot of fanfare to stay true to yourself and make an impression. Stay centered; be yourself. You have talents, and they will shine through.

When working with Hedgehog, you may find your sense of smell and hearing heighten, akin to Hedgehog’s natural abilities. Taken to a spiritual level, you can experience moments of Clairalience or Clairaudience. Pay close attention to the messages you receive as they often have to do with your health, safety, and protection.

By Kelly Hood Art

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FRAMED Limited Edition Print THE BORN WILD COLLECTION – The Hedgehug

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